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Hacking Lisp in the Cloud

The other day I stumbled upon a very interesting new online service for developers, Cloud9 IDE. Imagine Sublime Text, a test server with command-line access, version control, live chat, code-sharing and live collaboration, all bundled together in one convenient web app, allowing you and your team to work together seamlessly from anywhere with an internet connection. With Cloud9 IDE, that’s exactly what you get—and that’s just what comes with the free account.

The service seems primarily tailored to Node.js developers, but also includes out-of-the-box support for Python, Ruby, and PHP. Naturally I decided it would be worth the effort to see if I could get a Lisp installation up and running—and in the end it wasn’t particularly difficult. The one set-back is that your Project Workspace is running on a version of Red Hat that includes v2.12 of glibc, which means that unless you want to compile both glibc and sbcl from source yourself for every lisp project you have on Cloud9, the latest version of SBCL you can install from the binary release is 1.0.23. Not ideal, but at least it works.

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