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Learn Lisp The Hard Way, now brought to you by LispTO

It is with great pleasure that I announce that Learn Lisp The Hard Way is now an official, collaborative project of the Toronto Lisp User Group; and we are now accepting donations specifically for this project through PayPal. I will still be participating in the exact same capacity, but hopefully this change will help LLTHW become the definitive introduction to Common Lisp significantly faster. In particular I would like to welcome Leo “Inaimathi” Zovic as a co-author—the author of cl-notebook, cl-css, formlets, and many other excellent Lisp libraries—although other members of LispTO have expressed interest as well.

I would also like to ask the Lisp Community at large to consider contributing original text and source code examples, for the book itself, the interactive tutorial powered by David Vázquez Púa’s JSCL, and the drop-down CL language reference. Ideally, for the language reference, I would like to partner up with Robert Strandh’s project, CL-reference, to create a definitive, public domain reference to the Common Lisp standard. You can visit the new repository at: and submit a pull request if you would like to contribute.

Please be advised, that it is our intention to bring this title to print in addition to providing the complete book text online for free in perpetuity, so all contributors to the book text should be prepared to sign a contract and royalty schedule when the first edition is complete—towards this end I have updated the license of the book text to a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. However, there are a lot of other ways to contribute to the site and project in general, so if you don’t want to sign anything and still want to participate, you have a lot of options—the rest of the project remains MIT Licensed.

For those of you in the Lisp community that have already shown support for this project and contributed as peer reviewers and editors, be sure to create an issue on the repo and say if you would like to be identified as a contributor to this project. Your feedback has already made a big difference, and I hope to see you all on github!

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