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Emotiv’s Latest EPOC Developer Announcement

Yesterday, less than 24 hours after installing Windows on my MacBook Pro, the folks at Emotiv announced on their Facebook page that they had released the Mac developer kit for their EPOC neuro-headset. While Emotiv’s lack of a Mac version to their SDK was not my main reason, and immediate need, for wasting nearly $300 on Windows 7, it was a major contributing factor—combined with D-Wave’s promise to release the Mac version of their Python pack as soon as this May, it almost seems like an insult.

On the plus side, now that the EPOC supports both Windows and OS X, and soon so will the D-Wave developer beta, I suppose I should be happy that I can support both platforms in my own projects. And, let’s not forget, I also have access to Epic Game’s Unreal Development Kit now too, as well as Unity. As time passes, I’m sure I’ll find other ways to make good use of having Windows again.


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